“HarborPath has truly changed the landscape with patient assistance programs through the pharmaceutical companies. HarborPath is a “one-stop shop” for most of our patients while waiting approval on Texas ADAP. The application process is so easy and fast! The applications, eligibility documents and refills are completed through the Portal which is very helpful for the case managers because it is an efficient way to manage your clients on the program. The medications are shipped within days and the medications arrive labeled. As a medical case manager, I couldn’t ask for a better program!”


Paula McNeely, LBSW

Medical Case Manager

Preventive Medicine Clinic

“I have only great things to say about Harbor Path. I have used this system for over a year and I am very satisfied with the quick turnaround for medication applications. Customer service staff is always polite and are able to address questions immediately. One great advantage of this program is being able to combine different pharmaceutical companies into one application. Numerous uninsured patients that were in immediate need of medication have benefited from Harbor Path and its quick shipment process.”


Luis Mireles, BS

Non-Medical Case Manager


“Our patients who are uninsured here at the clinic can often be dealing with issues such as homelessness, addiction, and unemployment. Upon return to our clinic, we often have a very short window of opportunity to help a patient meet with the provider, receive a new or renewed prescription, and then provide assistance for them to obtain medication while they are present in our office.

When Harbor Path was introduced, we were given access to a portal, there was no ‘look back’ penalty for the patient, and we could upload the prescription(s) and find out the status of approval almost immediately. Prescriptions would be coordinated by Harbor Path and shipped to the location of patient’s choice within a day or two. As case managers, we didn’t have to bother dialing in to patient assistance programs and being placed on long holds or needing to fax various documents. It was all streamlined and made for much better health outcomes for our patients.”


Danielle Costa

Medical Case Manager

“We so value our relationship with HarborPath! We are so glad you approached us during the pilot and picked our clinic to be a part of it. You have helped immensely and filled a void.”


Brenda Herndon Johnston, LMSW

Medical Case Manager


“Being diagnosed HIV+ is difficult enough and applying for assistance for these life-saving drugs can be challenging but the awesome staff at HarborPath have made the experience as simple as can be. Legacy Community Health has been in business of helping uninsured individuals for over 30-years and we are very thankful to have been invited to participate in their pilot program 5-years ago. The staff is amazing and helpful. Patients can apply, be approved and receive medications all within 72-hours.”


Sandra Longoria

Sr. Director – Assistance Programs

Legacy – Montrose Clinic

“Like so many other healthcare facilities providing comprehensive HIV services throughout the Southeast, the 1917 Clinic greatly relies on the impeccable patient-centered HarborPath platform that is accessible through a single web page application for multiple antiretroviral medications for the treatment of HIV.

Today, the HarborPath model continues to provide a seamless solution to promote reduction of HIV transmission rates while improving patient outcomes. Comparatively, the efficiency of the HarborPath model out performs all other HIV medication access programs, including individual pharmaceutical patient assistance programs. HarborPath’s dynamic results effectively eliminates barriers to treatment and provides ease of therapy access for patients engaged in care at the 1917 Clinic.”



Professor of Medicine & Nursing

Director, 1917 Outpatient, Research and Dental Clinic

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