Charlotte, NC — September 6, 2018 – HarborPath, a non-profit corporation dedicated to assisting low income, uninsured individuals living with HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C and other chronic conditions gain access to their entire regimen of medications, today announced the launch of HarborPath Direct, a new for profit commercial division of HarborPath established to manage the front and back end of Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) for small to medium-sized pharmaceutical companies in multiple disease areas. HarborPath Direct will offer clients a suite of cost-effective and efficient services ranging from managing the eligibility process, providing a call center, to expediting shipment of prescription products all through its innovative trademarked SuccorRx™ platform.

“We are extremely excited to launch HarborPath Direct, which is a critical step forward in our strategic plan and growth as we look at innovative and efficient ways to reach the maximum number of uninsured individuals with life-saving medications at no cost,” said Ken Trogdon, President of HarborPath. “We anticipate that this new commercial division will be extremely valuable to our clients, the healthcare community and patients, expanding upon our proven success. HarborPath was launched five years ago in response to a need identified in the industry to improve prescription access for uninsured patients living with HIV/AIDS.”

HarborPath Direct’s easy-to-use platform features benefits for patients, healthcare providers and participating pharmaceutical companies, including streamlining the process of PAP enrollment and approval, ordering, and tracking shipments of pharmaceutical products for delivery to a patient’s home
or healthcare facility.

“Companies who participate in the HarborPath Direct program will benefit from the market recognized, high-quality, turnkey solutions we provide to help them manage their PAP programs cost-effectively and efficiently”, said Trond Waerness, who is a consultant to HarborPath Direct. “We understand our clients’ patients and are passionate about their care. Through this innovative platform program, the staff are able to seamlessly manage the front and back end of the PAP process with a commitment to quick eligibility turnaround and delivery of life-changing, critically important medicines to patients within 24-48 hours.”

The SuccorRx™ platform features an easy to use web portal that is HIPAA compliant and facilitates a number of services including enrollment reviews, 24-hour approval on completed enrollments,
automatic order transfers to HarborPath’s third party pharmacy and same-day shipping upon PAP approval. Leveraging over 15 years of experience in pharmacy home delivery, HarborPath Direct also makes it easier for participating companies to ensure their prescriptions are distributed to patients promptly and efficiently while adhering to quality controls and technical safeguards.

Additional highlights of HarborPath Direct services for both patients and companies comprise of:
• Improved patient adherence to medication regimens
• Highly trained experienced staff
• Patient case management
• Work flow expertise

A growing need remains for patient access to free medications as a result of insurance gaps and changes to the U.S. healthcare system. The HarborPath Direct program helps fulfill this critical need by offering a PAP management solution for small to medium-sized companies to ensure their life-changing medicines reach eligible patients who need their treatments immediately.

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About HarborPath
HarborPath is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to assisting low-income, uninsured people living with HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C and other complex chronic conditions gain access to their entire regimen of brand-name prescription medications through a single portal. For more information, visit